Dear Students and Parents,

Lesson rates are increasing to $45 per hour effective February 1, 2022.  For local students, I’m still doing monthly payments, where some months have 3 lessons to make up for another month where I need to take a day off. Over the course of the calendar year, it amounts to 24 lessons, or 2 a month.

If you’d rather pay by the number of lessons instead of a flat monthly rate, let me know.

If you need to know how many lessons have been paid vs taken, just let me know, and I’ll get you the info.

Thank you so much for taking lessons this year. I’m excited to be back in the building after so many months of zoom lessons, and I’m hoping this continues.

On a personal note, our daughter has surgery Jan 25 in Chicago, and a follow-up appointment February 1st. Both of those days are Tuesdays where we will not be having lessons. 

We can either make up those lessons on a weekend, any day on Zoom, or in a future month that has an extra Tuesday (March or May).  If you have any questions, or want to schedule a Saturday make-up, or make a different arrangement, let me know.

Thank you again,




2-01-2022 new guitar lesson rates.pdf