Group Guitar Classes

Group classes are a fun and affordable way to learn. I usually have at least one group class every month. 

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Bluegrass Guitar and Mandolin Lessons

Are you looking for a bluegrass guitar or mandolin teacher? 

Great! I love teaching bluegrass music, and would welcome a new student, no matter what level they are at. Many students take weekly or every-other-week lessons for a period of time until they have reached a place where they can continue their studies on their own.

A good teacher can:

  • Solve problems and offer solutions
  • Dispel myths from the internet
  • Show you good technique
  • Know what the next step is
  • Listen to your goals, and help create a plan to get you there

I teach in an individualized way. I listen to the student play, evaluate where they are at, and help them sound their best no matter what level they are at. 

You don't have to get to some mystical pro level to start having fun playing bluegrass music. You don't need 10,000 hours before you can play a song that sounds good.

Click the button below to sign up for lessons, or check this week's schedule and take a single lesson.

Want to Fill an Empty Lesson Spot?

When I have student cancellations, I love to fill those times with other students who are interested in taking a lesson. Feel free to check the schedule below and sign up for a single lesson as early as tomorrow.