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Learn to create great-sounding fiddle tune variations!

Learn fiddle tune arranging from 2-time National Flatpicking champion Andy Hatfield. Each week, we will explore a basic fiddle tune, and together, turn it into something more interesting! Includes five online Zoom classes and access to tab and video recordings of each song. $25 per class, or $105 for all 5 classes. Level: Intermediate and up. Click here to learn more or sign up for the class.


Learn Bluegrass and Flatpicking Guitar
Learn to play flatpicking guitar from 2-time National Champion flatpicker Andy Hatfield. Andy will patiently teach anything he knows about playing the guitar. Andy has been a featured teacher at Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamp in Maryville, TN, and at Roberto Dalla Vecchia's Acoustic Guitar Workshop in Italy.

Learn good techniques for both lead and rhythm guitar, how to create interesting solos for vocal and instrumental tunes, and ideas for improvisation. For beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar students. Click here for pricing or to schedule an online guitar lesson.


Learn Mandolin with Andy

Learn to play mandolin with 2013 National Mandolin Champion Andy Hatfield. Andy is able to help mandolin students of all levels play their best. Learn new tunes, create fun variations, learn improvising techniques, how to play rhythm mandolin, and much more!

For beginning, intermediate, and advanced mandolin students. Click here for pricing or to schedule an online mandolin lesson.

Banjo2Lessons.jpgLearn Bluegrass Banjo
Learn Scruggs-style 3-finger banjo. Andy leads students through simple techniques to learn how to play bluegrass banjo. Learn rolls, slides, hammer-on's, pull-offs, banjo tunes, chords, and accompaniment techniques.

For beginning to intermediate banjo students. Click here for pricing or to schedule an online banjo lesson.