Playing music is easy when we realize that it all starts with the singer. Someone is going to sing a song, so they need someone to back them up. A guitar player plays the rhythm and chords to support the singer. A bass player fills out the low end to add balance. A mandolin player adds the rhythmic backbeat like a snare drum to give the song a good groove and drive it ahead. The singer can’t just sing the whole time, so an instrumentalist takes a “break–” a little instrumental section before the next verse. Harmony sounds nice, so two other people sing on the chorus to fill out the sound. They figure out how to start the song together, how to end the song together. People love to hear good music, so they stand in front of some microphones so everyone can hear it.

It’s not hard to play music. It all starts with the singer.

Photo by pixpoetry on Unsplash

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